Maintenance Services

HVACHVAC Equipment

Ramer Mechanical employs state-of-the-art electronic testing instruments to ensure you get the most out of your heating and cooling system. We can measure air flow, indoor air quality and refrigerant levels. We then run those measurements through our analysis software, and based on the results, take whatever corrective measures are needed.

If you have an Air conditioner, Heat Pump, Gas/Oil Furnace or anything related to a ducted heating and cooling system, you should have your equipment tested, evaluated and serviced.




BoilerBoilers & Hydronic (Water) Heating Systems

Ramer Mechanical is South Central PA’s leading Hydronic systems contractor. We understand these systems inside and out, and take annual service to a whole new level. In addition to normal boiler cleaning, we take measurements of flue gasses and perform combustion analysis. Based on our findings we can ensure proper operation and often increase efficiency levels. We also can clean the boiler, water pipes and radiators on the inside, usually resulting in even further efficiency! We will also test water quality in your system, and add rust/build-up inhibitor as necessary. If the inhibitor is added and checked annually, the system will never corrode inside again – and all pumps, valves and components will last a lot longer!

If your home is Heated or Cooled with water running through pipes, we highly recommend annual service. We are completely familiar with every type of water heating system (Radiant Floor, Baseboard, Radiators, ect.). Don’t wait until it’s too late – schedule your service with us today!





GeoThermalGeothermal Systems

While Geothermal Systems are mostly packaged units, they should be serviced regularly as well. With open type systems (pump and dump) the heat exchanger in the unit needs to be cleaned annually. This is accomplished by power flushing the heat exchanger with a powerful specialized cleaner. If you have a closed loop system with a buried loop field, the unit needs to be checked for proper operation and the Glycol (antifreeze) levels in the ground loop needs to be checked. Glycol contains Phosphorous which chemically breaks down in 5 years. When this happens, the fluid that is left becomes very acidic and will start eating away at internal components and equipment. Don’t wait until something major happens, call us today to schedule an evaluation.






TanklessTankless Water Heaters & Well Expansion Tanks

Tankless Water Heaters are absolutely critical to get it serviced yearly, and if not done will actually void your manufacturer warranty! What happens is this. The water coming in has a lot of minerals in it. When water passes through and is heated by the heat exchanger, the dissolved minerals in the water often solidify and stick to the heat exchanger walls. This causes the heat from the flame to transfer into the water at a much slower rate, and two things happen at that point: First, the heater has to turn the flame up higher in order to heat the same amount of water – which uses a lot of extra gas! Secondly, since the flame is so much hotter, the rest of the heat goes into the flue (exhaust). The flue is usually plastic and that extra heat has, in some extreme cases, melted holes in it and released Carbon Monoxide into the home.

Do yourself and your family a favor and make sure these units get serviced! We service these units by power flushing the heat exchanger with a powerful specialized cleaner and doing a combustion analysis. While we are there, we will also check the pressures on your Well Expansion Tank and make sure your entire system is operating as efficiently as it can.




ElectricalElectrical Service Equipment

Many people don’t realize that their electrical service equipment should be serviced periodically. They should.

This service is simple, and simply requires going through all the service equipment and tightening all of the lugs and wire connections.  As electrical current flows through these connections, they repeatedly heat up and cool down. Eventually this expansion will cause the lugs to loosen. This creates a poor connection and causes them to get even hotter – potentially damaging wiring, breaker and other electrical components.

Electrical Safety Checklist (pdf)