Wood Boilers

Many people are searching for energy independence – to avoid the wild swings of the energy market that leave people with empty pocket books. At the same time, they also want something that is carbon-neutral without pollution.

The Econoburn wood-fired boiler could be your answer! They meet all required Boiler Safety Ratings, so you can feel at ease with this product inside or outside your home. That’s right, they have both indoor and outdoor models that come with a nice array of BTU outputs. This boiler is a closed, pressurized water system so you won’t have the problems associated with the more common open systems. Also when burning properly dried hardwoods, they produce very little smoke – allowing you to stay on good terms with your neighbors!

At Ramer Mechanical, we have been watching the Wood Boiler market for a while. To date, most we’ve seen coming into our region have been low quality, inefficient and smoke polluting. In fact, the smoke pollution has been bad enough for some townships to ban outdoor wood boilers all together. Also worth mentioning are the many mechanical failures resulting from improper installation and operation of the connected Hydronic (plumbing) systems.

All of these factors have led up to the decision to offer the Econoburn to our customers. The Econoburn is a high-quality, non-polluting boiler that can offer many years of dependable service when properly installed and maintained.

If you are considering a wood-fired boiler for your heating solution – call Ramer Mechanical today!


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